Keys to Success

The key to The Assaad Group’s success is the strong relationship with our clients based on trust, communication, added value, and unparalleled service. Our vast network of developers, agents, and vendors allows us to put them to work for you to help provide solutions for any sized project and to help maximize your return on investment.

Well Equipped

As any commercial real estate developer has learned, it’s the unforeseen problems that have the most potential to turn a project into a money pit. When it comes to your land and its supporting infrastructure, The Assaad Group is well equipped to help evaluate the site before and during the acquisition process to help you make informed decisions regarding your land purchase. The Assaad Group offers the technical expertise of our in-house Professional Engineer to evaluate both the land itself and the infrastructure surrounding it. In addition, we review city development standards to help create a development plan for the project.

Decades of Experience

The Assaad Group is prepared to engage in early conversations with developers and consultants to advise on strategies that could maximize their return on investment. Drawing from decades of experience, we will look at surrounding businesses, neighborhoods, and other factors to help determine the compatibility of the developer’s proposed business.

In a situation where time is money, we want to help you maximize your time during the first 30 days of your contract and learn everything you can about the property before you buy.

Land Acquisition

Whether you plan to build a custom home or a several hundred homes, we have you covered. Understanding land planning and your needs are critical to provide security in your future development needs. We take great pride in making sure we work closely with you so that your outcome will meet your expectations.

The Assaad Group has an extensive network of engineers, developers, asset managers, and investors. Our long-standing and well established relationships often translate into first access to premium land opportunities. The access to our sphere of influence will provide exceptional benefits, allowing you to identify and gain access to land positions that align with your business strategy and your unique development strengths.